Andreas Berger-Gehringer

After completing his master’s degree in History and English at the University of Basel, Andreas Berger received his PhD from the University of Basel in 2021 with a thesis on the presence of Judaism in its physical absence in the 16th century. During his doctoral studies, he was as a research associate (Assistent) at the chair of Late Medieval and Renaissance History and held several teaching positions. With the support of an SNSF Doc.Mobility grant, he also held visiting positions at Columbia University, Princeton University, and Queen Mary University of London.

As an IFN Junior Fellow at the WBKolleg, Andreas Berger's examines early modern murder suicide with a particular focus on infanticide.


Abwesend und doch allgegenwärtig: Zur Präsenz des Jüdischen im 16. Jahrhundert

Research project

Liberating Body & Soul: Infanticide and Suicide by Murder in Early Modern Europe

Research foci

Kriminalitätsgeschichte | Körper- und Rechtsgeschichte | Frömmigkeit | Kultur- und Ideengeschichte | Reformationsgeschichte | Verflechtungsgeschichte Christentum-Judentum